Drive In Dating

Drive-in Dating is the First of its kind

Our new and innovative service offers much needed entertainment, and escape from the boredom and confines life during, and post COVID-19.  Franchise with us and take part in a once in a lifetime opportunity to get involved with a groundbreaking  company with unlimited revenue potential.

Benefits of Franchising with us

  1. When you choose to go into business with Drive-in Dating, you will benefit from full start-up support as well as operational and logistical support. We will provide you with a turn-key solution to start running events in your own area. Due to increased demand  for prime locations across North America, we are limiting the number of Franchisees allowed operate in each city/territory, and offering entrepreneurial pioneers Prime locations on a first come first serve basis.

You'll get everything you need to be successful including:

Market research and business plan assistance

Funding support

Corporate identity including: logos, lettering, business cards, promotional brochures, etc.

Corporate identity: logos, lettering, business cards, promotional brochures, etc.

Access to our social media, press and advertising platform

The heart of Drive-in Dating is our desire and ability to create lifetime connections

Love is nice, and Its also very profitable.  Enjoy helping people find love, and making great income while doing it!

  • Safe and and all year-round operation (COVID-19  proof)

Speed dating is already a very popular and well understood process. Very easy to explain and understand.

This highly versatile and economically resilient  operation can be run from almost any parking lot. The Dating market is a very lucrative market and Drive-in Dating capitalizes with a very unique service in high demand.


Contact us for more information about our available locations and introductory pricing.